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Let Kholba radio with Kholba Community Network be the instrument to your haven of songs and the room for your freedom of expression in exchanging social visions and interpersonal perceptions about our own community . As we get involved with the social issues we also invite you to listen with the musical treasures that comes from the five different continents , Africa, America, Asia , Europe and Oceania. In this way despite of our social diffrences Kholba will let us be united with our genuine universal language which we called music.

Welcome to Kholba Radio Station

Kholba Radio is produced by Kholba Community Broadcasting-Salt Lake City (KCB-SL), a community broadcasting based in Utah. Kholba Radio offers a 24/7 free internet radio music and social experience wherever you are.

Aside from playing great music, KCB-SL is here to promote and get connected with Kholba Community Network. It is a social community network for different nationalities living in the 5 different continents of the world.

By objective, Kholba Radio will serve as a channel for a worldwide selection of music as well as for news from, debates, discussions or conversations about the different global and local issues.

Please sit back and relax as you enter the world of music where you can taste the most sensible songs of the world!

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