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Welcome to Kholba Radio Station

Kholba Radio is a Utah based internet radio station produced by Kholba Community Broadcasting-Salt Lake City (KCB-SL) of Kholbas Inc. which can be accessed Worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kholba Community Network offers a social serving local “diaspora”community that share cultural and social interests arising from the common national origin.

Being different from other social networks is the highlight of Kholba Community Network. The main purpose is to provide boundless connection to each other as we meet people and create social connections all over the world.

A partnership between Kholba Community Network, our free worldwide classified and Kholba Radio will produce a global connection by providing a chance to share and exchange opinions using a combined social community and internet radio website.

*** Here at Kholba Radio we are going to hear great music from the 5 continents of the world (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania) and create a room for different kinds of discussions with our own selected communities from Kholba Community Network. Surely expressing one’s self will give such pleasure and satisfaction to anyone as Kholba Radio will also serve to be the voice passage for everyone in Kholba Community Network and

News, your worldwide reachable listing from, conversations, forums, debates and arguments about global issues will unify different opinions and produce priceless wisdom. ***

Feel free to sign up at Kholba Community Network or and join us by listening to our music as you learn and relish the different rational talks here at Kholba Radio. The deep interests, feelings, shout-outs and different random thoughts in your mind will now be heard and recognized.

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